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We are fully appointed, accredited and licensed, representing all airlines, tour operators and cruise lines. We are the exclusive Canadian agency for the Welcome Again Veterans Foundation and so were extensively involved in the 50th anniversary of the Liberation of Holland in the spring of 1995.  Holland Liberation tours have continued and take place every year, with major emphasis on grand tours every 5 years (2000, 2005, 2010 etc.).  We also specialize in WW1 and WW2 European Battlefield tours, Israel, Greek and Turkey, Mediterranean, Alaska and Caribbean Cruises.

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A Leadership Pilgrimage

Millions have walked Spain's Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago) in the last 1200 years.  Tens of thousands now tackle this route each year.  It was recently portrayed in a film, The Way, starring Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. 

James (son of Zebedee) was in the inner circle of disciples and is credited with bringing the gospel to Spain.  Numerous historical leaders walked this route (Francis of Assisi, Dante Alighieri, Brigid of Sweden).  On pilgrimage people find their callings and learn invaluable leadership lessons:  listening to the journey of others; sharing leadership; challenging oneself physically, mentally and emotionally; encountering God in unexpected ways; walking by faith; staying focused on a goal while collaborating with others; building community and trust.

Over 8 days, the group covers the last 120 kilometers of the Camino, qualifying for the much-coveted Compostela certificate offered by the Santiago Cathedral.

Escorted by two Camino "veterans":

Arthur Boers, RJ Bernardo Family Chair of Leadership (Tyndale Seminary), author of The Way is Made by Walking: A Pilgrimage Along the Camino de Santiago and Living into Focus: Choosing What Matters in an Age of Distraction.

Karen Cornies, Dean of Students (Redeemer University College), leader of small groups and international learning tours to Iona, Scotland; Taize, France; and the Way of St. James, Spain.

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Escorted by Martin and Helen Boomsma


Verstraete Travel Cruises and Martin and Helen Boomsma invite Canadian War Veterans, their family members and friends, and any interested Canadians on our 11th “Keeping the Memory Alive” tour of the World War 1 and World War 2 Canadian battlefields in Europe. Experience the history and emotions as we visit these major Canadian battlefields, memorials and cemeteries in England, France and Belgium. Highlights will include, a guided tour of London, the gravesite of Col. John McCrae, Dieppe Beaches, Normandy for the 70th DDay Anniversary at the Juno Beach Centre, Ieper and Amsterdam.

Join us to gain a new appreciation for the sacrifices our parents and grandparents have made for our peace and freedom. The tour will be personalized for participants as much as possible to make it a trip of a lifetime. As we travel you will receive a wealth of wartime information and history.

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D-DAY NORMANDY 70TH ANNIVERSARY - June 2 - June 12, 2014

Escorted by John Hetherington


Verstraete Travel Cruises and John Hetherington, History Teacher, North Bay, Ontario invite you to join him on this special D-Day Normandy 70th Anniversary Tour. John has been teaching history in North Bay since 1987 and has a special nterest in military history exploring the WW1 and WW2 battlefields of Europe. John has led many tour groups to the battlefield sites in France, Belgium and Holland. He now invites you to join him for this once in a lifetime opportunity to be in Normandy on June 6, 2014 when the landings at Juno Beach will be commemorated. This tour will start in Paris and then travel to Normandy for the special events held at the Juno Beach Centre.  The tour will visit Dieppe, Beaumont Hamel, the Vimy Memorial, and the Menin gate.  On the last day the tour will travel to Amsterdam and enjoy a visit to that city along with a canal cruise. You are invited to join John on this historic trip of a lifetime.

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The Sanfilippo Children’s Research Foundation Fundraiser Tour

While on this tour you will explore ruins,bargain at Sacred Valley markets, devour seafood in Lima, climb the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or taking the scenic train, spotting wildlife at our exclusive G Lodge Amazon.

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Battlefields of Europe Tour 2014, August 18 - 29, 2014

The 100th Anniversary of the first shots of the Great War

Escorted by John Hetherington

The route and sites John has selected for this tour will provide all participants with an educational and memorable experience that will last a lifetime. This tour will focus on some of the main campaign areas of the Canadian, British and American Armies that fought in Belgium and France during the First and Second World Wars. We will be visiting museums, memorials and military cemeteries as well as the actual sites where these battles took place. There will also be opportunities to inspect bunkers and trench systems as well as meet some interesting people along the way. Special emphasis will be directed towards highlighting the various battle tactics employed by the Allied Armies while fighting in Western Europe during the campaigns of 1914 to 1918 and 1939-1945. All participants will be provided with a detailed dossier of the areas that we will be visiting one month prior to the departure date. This will include a comprehensive reading and map package designed to provide a more complete knowledge of the battle sites that we will be visiting. At each stop we will receive a full explanation regarding the significance of each site. Visiting the actual battlefields will allow everyone to gain a greater appreciation of each campaign. The sites selected for the tour will allow participants to develop a greater understanding of the tactics, strategies and weapons used during both wars. This experience is also intended to give all participants a greater appreciation for the sacrifices made by all soldiers who served in Western Europe during the First and Second World Wars.

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Israel Tour - October 30 - November 9, 2014

Tour Host:  Dr. Gary H. Beesley, Senior Pastor Evangel Temple, Toronto

 This 10 day trip to the Holy Land offers an unforgettable opportunity to explore and gain priceless visual perspective of the land and significant places where Jesus lived and ministered. Historical context and details of every venue will be presented by expert guides along with Biblical insights presented by your Tour Host. Times of ministry through songs, devotions, prayer and fellowship will help make this tour a transformational experience for all.G. Beesley

Tour highlights include:  Caesarea, Mt. Carmel, Nazareth, Cana, Bethsaida, Golan Heights, Jordan Valley, Jericho, Bethany, Mt. of Olives, Gethsemane, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Yad Vashem and much more.


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Join Earl this year as he travels to New York City, Newfoundland, Chicago, Pennsylvania, California, Grand Bend, Prince Edward County Algonquin, and the all new Vietnam and Cambodia.

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You can contact Earl at earl.c@sympatico.ca or John Swatridge at johnswatridge@yahoo.ca.


On May 5, 205 Holland will celebrate 70 years of Liberation. the Dutch people wish to celebrate and commemorate these events with their liberators, their families and all their Canadian friends.

Welcome again Veterans Foundation will organize a pilgimage for the Canadians who participated in Holland's liberation.  With the support of the Roayl Canadian Legion Branch #5 (Netherlands) and participationby host towns there will be a comprehensive and exciting program for the entire event.

Click on this link HOLLAND LIBERATION CELEBRATION 2015 to download the brochure.  

You will also need to download one of the following booking forms:

HOST FAMILY STAY BOOKING FORM - World War 2 Veterans, their spouses or the child of a veteran and a travelling companion are eligible to stay with a family in Holland

HOTEL PROGRAM BOOKING FORM - is applicable to anyone who would like to participate and experience the celebrations

Click here for the official invitation.