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It is a bond of friendship that has spanned over 70 years and in May 2015, the Dutch people have invited their Canadian liberators, relatives and friends to come celebrate that friendship.

For the past 25 years Verstraete Travel Cruises have partnered with the committees in Holland to facilitate the travel arrangements for Canadians wishing to participate in this program.

Every year, in the first week of May, there are ceremonies and events that are organized by the Dutch people to honor and remember their liberation from the Nazi occupation by the Canadian troops.

Welcome Again Veterans Foundation with the support of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch#5 (Netherlands) are rolling out the welcome mat in 2015, inviting veterans, their families and all Canadians to 8 days of commemoration and activities from May 1-10, 2015.

Host family accommodations are offered in various towns to veterans and/or their immediate family members.  Additionally, there are hotel stay options available in Apeldoorn, Zutphen and Deventer.


On May 5, 2015 Holland will celebrate 70 years of Liberation.  The Dutch people with to celebrate and commemorate these events with their liberators, their families and all the Canadian friends. 

Welcome Again Veterans Foundation will organize a pilgrimage for the Canadians who participated in Holland’s liberation.  With the support of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #5 (Netherlands) and participating host towns, there will be a comprehensive and exciting program for the entire event.

       Tour Completed - Amazing Exprience                                                     

NOTE THAT On Thursday, January 29, 2015, Veteran Affairs Canada released information on a travel assistance program. A $2,000 travel subsidy is available to Canadian Veterans of the Liberation of the Netherlands to support them in travelling to Holland in May.  The subsidy is up to a maximum of $2,000 per Veteran and will be a reimbursement. We are encouraging all Canadian Veterans to apply for eligibility as soon as possible.

Veterans are required to complete an application form.  The form can be completed electronically from the Veterans Affairs Canada website and emailed to Veterans Affaires Canada or downloaded, printed and mailed.


Veterans can call Veterans Affairs Canada at 1-866-522-2122 and an application form will be mailed to them to complete and mail or fax back.  

Once applications are reviewed, applicants will receive notification of their approval.

Upon return to Canada, each eligible Veteran will have to submit their receipts and show proof that they attended at least one of the official Government of Canada commemorative events in Holland (this could be a program from the event or a copy of their registration with a tour operator).

As these events are only three months away, applications forms should be submitted as soon as possible to be considered for eligibility.


Click on this link HOLLAND LIBERATION CELEBRATION 2015 to download the Verstraete Travel brochure.

You will also need to download one of the following booking forms:

HOST FAMILY STAY BOOKING FORM– World War 2 Veterans, the child of a veteran and a travelling companion are eligible to stay with the family during the celebrations.

HOTEL PROGRAM BOOKING FORM– This option is available to anyone who would like to participate and experience the celebrations.